Software I Use


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Hello and welcome! Here is a page with the list of software that I am using on a regular basis. All of this is available through the Nix package manager which means you can run this on essentially any *Nix OS, MacOS included aside from the X11 GNU/+Linux specific window applications, think XMonad and lockscreens or whatever.

Because the entire NixOS system is declartive, you can see literally every program I have installed on the NixOS page through both the home-manager configuration file as well as the configuration.nix that defines ths system. I will add pictures of some of the cooler looking or more obsecure things as I find myself looking at a particually cool instance of something.



TUI Apps

I might rename this or split this up as there are sort of a lot of these but also not too many. These are things that run inside of the terminal emumlator that you use.