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Unix Customization Highlights

Throughout the years, I have come across a lot of different screenshots of people's tailored desktops/themes/setups/whatever and I have collected a few. Below are some highlights of completely random desktops from strangers I do not know that I happened to like at the time of me both saving the picture and putting it here.

Please take note, as these are not mine, I am not involved in anything that may be on their computers. I have simply saved the ones that are neatly riced.

Currently, I am really liking these simple, flat like themes that somehow even when busy or crowded, still seem extra comfy.

What I take away looking over this page as a whole is the sheer vastness of what you can do on your computer and that it really should be made to be yours. Unix like operating systems, not all of these are our favorite GNU/Linux mind you, let you do just that as everything is really a conglomeration of a bunch of small programs, and all those programs are text files. You can make any Unix operating system look like any of these below, its platform agnostic as its your own doing how it turns out. Just awesome



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