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How this site works

This site is hosted on a freestanding full Debian based server somewhere out there in the ether. I pay I think 2.50 FreedomDollars a month for this and really it is just a straight up computer with a static IP that I can use for whatever. While you see this site, there may or may not be other private services I am running here, who knows! I think the other main use I am looking forward to using it is hosting and seeding everyone's favourite Linux IOSs ;)

Currently the site runs on the basic Apache2 program available in the Debian repos. I then just have the files in /var/www/html/* and each page is its own folder with an index.html. This works, though I am not sure if this is best practice. There is a CSS folder in the main folder and I just have a template I copy into the new folder of a new page and it has it linked with the CSS in the main folder.

For now, I am managing the site by keeping and editing a local copy of the site on my GNU/Thinkpad. You can see above what it looks like as I go through and make changes to the site. I have the same folder structure and whatnot, and make the changes here. This is nice because unlike before where I would write in VIM over SSH and whatnot, I would have to be online and the connection wasn't always top notch so it would lag. Also this way my everchanging .vimrc (actually done in Home-manager lol with Nix), is always being used. I then just Rsync the files over SSH to the server, replacing whats in there now and BAM, updated

HTTPS is now working! This is done through certbot which was really easy to setup. I originally didn't have this as there were issues as most of the setup procedures are for nginx servers and not apache2, which is what I am rocking here. Why I'm on Apache not NginX? That is a question for another day. For now, write it off to random errors and just switching was easier. I'd be interested, if you came across this page and are also a site admin, let me know what the standard is out there now and what you're using. Apache seems older... but that't not necessarily a bad thing? I'm not sure what is most used.



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