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Hello hello and welcome! There are a variety of technology related topics on here to read about if you do so desire, as well as possibly a few off topic pages as well. Feel free to click any/all of the links above to find out! Most things will be linked from either this page if it is its own topic, or if it is a continuation of something, it will be linked to directly. So far you can check out pages such as:

Please feel free to reach out or donate if you enjoyed your time here!

As I find other and more off topic things to make pages on here, I may rearrange this home page and make like a "technology" home page which will link to what now is the pages on the site. I could then add "sailing" and other pages which will have different CSS themes and pages linked from there

I update the site semi regularily so it is definitely 100% worth your time continually coming back here daily to either read new things or reread whats already here to ensure you have memorised them entirely. The site appearance is also subject to drastic change as I learn more about CSS, though it will stay a plain text website forever.




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